Creative Writing Courses in France

What makes the course special?

The key to the success of

“Kick Start Your Project” lies in the one-to-one tutorials each writer receives daily

Group sessions each morning guide everyone through structured writing assignments, but Janice and Peter know as experienced storytellers in different media that no writing course can offer a “one size fits all” approach.

Every idea requires its own unique structure and so the individual sessions and personally tailored advice each writer receives are crucial to the success of the course.

As professional writers, with years of experience of working with each other and with other writers, Peter and Janice know how to guide and nurture writers through the creative process.

The individual sessions mean that writers get feedback and help appropriate to their own level of experience, from first time author to experienced writer moving to a new medium or genre.

What people have said...

"In all my wildest dreams I never imagined I'd have done so much, gone so far in this week. I hope my results will be up to expressing the gratitude I feel."

Carole H Belgium

"Janice and Peter, I came here with nothing and I feel you have given me some of your magic. I am going home with treasures I hope you will both be proud to read one day. Thank you."

Eleanor S UK


If you want to write a novel, a stage play or drama for the big or small screen, the course lays the perfect groundwork. 
It works best if you arrive with just the germ of an idea (rather than a partially-written manuscript). 

It even works if you arrive with a blank page and no idea at all!

In seven days, guided by easy steps and writing assignments, in group workshops and one-to-one tutorials, you will develop solid foundations for the writing project by focusing on:

the creation of characters

story structure and development and

how to engage the audience or reader.

And at the end of the week you’ll leave with solid foundations to make a success of your work:


inspired and


to see your work through to a successful conclusion.

"I came to St Cere thinking I could write a novel. I went away knowing I can!"

Ian F, England

Peter May

Janice Hally


Kick Start Your Project

Imagine taking a week to devote yourself
to your writing...

Imagine treating yourself to
7 days of superb food and wine in a
charming hotel, in the heart of beautiful, rural France...

Now, imagine putting all of that together...