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Alanna's 40th Anniversary
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Praise for Alanna Knight's work

The Dagger in the Crown
'Taut with tension and an air of authority that stems from Knight's expertise in Scottish history'
The Irish Times
'I was hooked - a tale based on the life of Mary Queen of Scots but had all the mystery and intrigue of any Kathy Rechs or PD James story"
Peterborough Evening Telegraph
'An enticing prospect, a well-researched atmospheric novel which recreates a key period in British history to perfection and tells a sinister and inexorable tale... Tam Eildor is a fascinating creation'
Sherlock Holmes Magazine
"an atmospheric novel which recreates a key period in British history to perfection and tells a sinister and inexorable tale"
Sarah Neville
"You can almost smell the miasma of old stone castles and feel the fear that one wrong step will end in the Tollbooth.
This is history that comes to full-blooded life ... the whole thing stays in the mind long afterwards ... a compelling read."
Rachel A Hyde, MyShelf.com

Dangerous Pursuits
"Rose McQuinn is, for her time, that rare phenomenon, a female private eye ...
Giving away nothing that would spoil your pleasure, her solution to the mystery
also involves some picturesque travel in Edinburgh and its environs."
The Scotsman

The Inspector's Daughter

selected as one of 'The Best of This Year's Crime Novels' by
The Times (London, Sept 2001)
"Fans of Inspector Faro will be fascinated by this novel featuring his daughter, Rose McQuinn.
There is as air of Scott and Stevenson in the writing,
a splendid evocation of Late nineteenth century Edinburgh
that is neither picture postcard nor Rebus,
where historical fiction meets a study of manners and
darkness lurks behind every facade."
Sherlock Holmes Magazine

The Coffin Lane Murders

"Another superb Faro Mystery"
Jonathan 'Lovejoy' Gash
"Alanna Knight creates atmosphere with conviction... an entertaining read"
Silvie Taylor

Dangerous Pursuits
"a period whodunnit set in Edinburgh, Rose McQuinn is a rare phenomenon, a female private eye."
The Scotsman
Angel Eyes
"A breathless thriller.. a rattling good yarn"
James Jauncey

A Quiet Death

"an ideal blend of history and mystery... dealing with poverty and wealth in Victorian Dundee, avoids the trap of romancing either extreme. A marvelously rich entertainment, and should be read slowly, with relish."
Mat Coward, Million Magazine
"Ms Knight has successfully amalgamated fact and fiction and all in a style at times reminiscent of R L Stevenson, which should surprise no-one as she is a Stevenson expert"
Scottish Field
"A fast moving story, skilfully handled to keep the reader on edge until the end"
Yorkshire Gazette and Herald
"Another delightful Victorian mystery with Inspector Faro at large in Dundee"
Annabel Magazine
"A sensitive blend of fact and fiction is the trademark of Alanna Knight"
Daily Post

To Kill A Queen
"Fine characterisation, evocative Victorian atmosphere, and a nerve-tingling plot are handled skilfully to make this latest Inspector Faro Mystery a story which will hold you from start to its race-against-time finish"
Yorkshire Gazette and Herald
Killing Cousins
"In the competitive world of crime fiction, Alanna Knight has carved out a niche for herself with her Victorian crimes series featuring Inspector Faro"
Annabel Magazine
"If Robert Louis Stevenson had written who-dunnits, Faro is just the detective he'd have created."
The Sunday Post
"dripping with atmosphere, legend and superstition... a lovely, melodramatic, but ultimately logical plot, well worked out and embroidered with diverting trimmings."
Liverpool Echo
"Inspector Faro in welcome action again... atmospheric piece set in 1871"
Yorkshire Evening Post
"a lovely melodramatic but ultimately logical plot, well worked out and embroidered with diverting trimmings"
Maidenhead Advertiser

Deadly Beloved

"I like these books for themselves and for the fleshing out of the Victorian mystery... try them."
Kirkus U.S.

Blood Line
"Research is used, not misused by the skilled and highly professional Ms Knight to create a series of fascinating and original riddles. Flowing dialogue and likeable central characters make for a novel as brisk and bracing as a wind off the Forth"
Scotland on Sunday
"Intensely intriguing plot... time and place are splendidly evoked"
Oxford Times

The Clan
"a turbulent tale of clashing clans and loyalties, love and betrayal"
Dundee Courier

An Orkney Murder
"takes the readers to a complicated world with the disentanglement of each mystery"
Jane Ross

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