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Dr Dennis McCoy and Naomi Pepper both hold Honours degrees in Psychology. 
Negotiating Life Transitions was the theme of Dennis’s PhD. 
He trained both in Britain and Sweden in the techniques for group and personal change and 
has delivered sessions to groups all over the world including Britain, USA, Ireland and Malta. 

Throughout their careers both Naomi and Dennis have been involved with 
personal development training and  mentoring as well as strategic planning, 
management of organisational change and facilitation for large and small groups. 
Since 2005 they have divided their time between the UK and France and have been 
involved in qualitative social research, strategic planning and personal and group development.

The thread running through all of their work, whether it be with informal groups or large organisations has always been on the continuity between past, present and future.  
This continuity is based in part on theories of psychological development, but also on practical experience about how past and present inform, but must never constrain, the future.

In their own words...
“Over the last few years we have both been involved in a wide range of work focused on both individuals and organisations. With organisations, we have used our Pathway to the Future model in areas ranging from sports development and community work through to helping small businesses to focus on their future.  
At individual level we have worked on the future needs of urbanised young people and, in the USA, on developing experiential learning programmes for both personal and professional development.  
We have worked with groups both large and small, from the 200 strong staff complement of the Public Health Agency to a 4 person group that works with vulnerable people in a rural part of Ireland.  
In all of this work, we have used methods and techniques that have past, present and future at their core, adopting, developing and adapting them to facilitate organisational, individual and personal growth.
Of our work with the Sports Institute in Northern Ireland, Shaun Ogle, Director of Performance Sport at Sport NI kindly commented:
“It is not very often that this [‘Pathways’ approach] feeds directly into a change process
but I can assure you in this case it has proven most valuable to us.”  
Having attended one of the experiential learning programmes that we developed jointly with partners in the USA, one participant commented:
“It has been a massively rewarding experience for me both personally and professionally.”
Our Pathways to Your Future course is a culmination of our experience in designing and running such courses and programmes over a period of many years.  Designed to help people discover the steps that will take them to the next stage of their lives, its approach is sensitive to the different kinds of hopes and aspirations that individuals have. 
At the same time, the course embodies the structures and processes that have proved to be so helpful to our clients in the past.  
The new element that we are excited to be bringing to this course is its location.  Set in the heart of the French countryside and offering full board and accommodation in a small chateau setting, our Pathways to Your Future course is a wonderful opportunity for us to share our skills and techniques in the service of your future and also to share with you our love of France and its many culinary delights.”