Learn how to
be your own life coach
empower yourself
plan your future
make the right choices
and decisions

Turn your dreams

into reality by

learning skills

and techniques
that will transform your life

Unfulfilled Ambitions?


Mid-Life Crisis?

Career Choices?

Life Decisions?

Time for a Change?



Empty Nest?

Moving House or Downsizing?

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Entertaining, Easy,  Fun Workshops

Are you at a crossroads in your life?
Do you have difficult decisions to make?

Do you need space and time to think?

It’s your pathway, it’s your future.

Let your future

start here...

Give yourself the

break you need
and deserve
to consider

your future plans

Spend seven days in

a French Chateau

with the best of
local food

and wine

Pathway to





The Workshop Retreat

Turn the future you dream of into a reality.

Making career choices? Facing a big change in your life? Need to decide what direction your future should take?

Learn decision making and future planning tools.  Become your own life coach and take your personal transformation into your own hands.

Each step is made easy with entertaining workshops where you will learn the life skills and techniques required for success.


The Perfect Setting

Spend 7 days in a beautifully restored
14th century chateau in South West France, with an all-inclusive package.

Whether it’s a holiday, vacation, workshop or retreat, savour this idyllic setting and clear your mind.  Leave responsibilities behind while you consider your future and learn skills and techniques to help your dreams become reality

All meals are included.  You will be treated to wonderful, fresh local produce and wines.

Therapeutic massage and healing sessions available as extras.

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Change Your Life

In 7 days take the easy steps towards the future you deserve

receive practical advice

fit the pieces of your life together

turn your dreams into a reality

learn the skills to progress

Refine your goals

unlock the door to your future

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